A brief review of the book the upstairs room

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It told us the noises, the Jew's feelings, and their thoughts when this event happened. The agony of the mother, the doubts and the persistence to fight through this horrible experience are depicted perfectly, flawlessly.

We're new, so please help others find us! On part in particular was when the Germans came into a house to see if any Jews were hiding in there which there were.

She becomes fearful and always ready to hide. It's a beautiful story about the struggle and hardship of living in hiding and the relationships of people through human love. After they are finally liberated by Canadian troops Annie has almost lost the ability to walk.

Annie doesn't understand everything that is being said but she knows that her father and many of the other adults in Holland are worried. Content The book roughly covers a four year period beginning in when Germany invaded Holland.

And then, I settled in and now I feel her comforting presence and my house became a cocoon that will always protect me. It is a little difficult to read with multiple children crawling over me and vying for my attention. Annie and her second sister, Sini, move to a different town called Usselo to live with a family named Hannink, while their father stays closer to their home city.

Annie and her older sister Sini go to live with the Hanninks, a family who is friends with their family. As I read I found myself constantly stopping and asking Jax: Artistically, mind you… Therefore, the writing confused me greatly.

The Upstairs Room Summary & Study Guide

Because of this, I skipped a few pages here and there, and I was less enthusiastic about reading further. Their older sister Rachel comes to take them home and they refuse to leave for a time until Rachel and their father have their home ready.

Who has told hem that a story is incomplete without romance? Soon Annie's father is no longer allowed to conduct business. The Upstairs Room, by Johanna Reiss, is a story told from the view of a Jewish girl, Annie, who is only six years old when Hitler first begins to destroy the Jews.

The Holocaust killed more than 6 million Jews and displaced hundreds of thousands of others, most of whom emigrated to the newly established state of Israel or to the U. Nothing seemed wrong throughout the book, just slightly off the whole time, which was irritating for the reader and the characters.

InNazi troops and officials embarked, after years of increasing oppression, on a systematic policy of arresting Jews for deportation to the camps; mobile units known as Einsatzgruppen followed German military advances to more efficiently kill undesirables.

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In the end, however, it was neither that or a ghost story. The Oostervelds, Johan, his wife Dientje, and his mother Opoe, are very kind although they are not as well off as the Hannink family.

In the story, Annie and her elder sister Sini are separated from their family. Annie and her older sister Sini go to live with the Hanninks, a family who is friends with their family.

Although the story doesn't portray such a vivid picture of the horrors of the Holocaust such as The Diary of Anne Frank does, it's still a very interesting and powerful story.

By the time the war is over many people have lost their lives, but Annie survives to tell her story. This section contains words approx. The Hannink family is kind and lets the girls live in the house until they are worried about being discovered by the Germans.

Sometimes, it may be almost unbearable.The Upstairs Room is a great book. It is based on a true story about the author. The Oservils were also real people.

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The Upstairs Room Summary & Study Guide Johanna Reiss This Study Guide consists of approximately 28 pages of chapter summaries, quotes, character analysis, themes, and more - everything you need to sharpen your knowledge of The Upstairs Room.

Nov 17,  · Book Review The Upstairs Room By: Kate Murray-Browne Genre: Ghost Story/Horror Reading time: Pages: ***** Summary: Eleanor and Richard have stretched themselves to the limit to buy the perfect home - a tall Victorian townhouse with enough room for their growing family.

Aug 25,  · Best Answer: Hey I just read this book for school. Its really good. I'd love to help you. Annie-main character, nice, shy, loves to read, a Jew. Sini-Annie's sister, pretty, loves boys, also a librariavagalume.com: Resolved.

The Upstairs room was about a Jewish family during the Holocaust. They live in Holland when the war happens and they are forced to move away from their homes in order to be safe from the Nazi's.

The family are split up later in the book and they go to other family's houses to hide from the Nazi/5.

A brief review of the book the upstairs room
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