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The words of his song, "get your kicks on Route 66," became the catch phrase for countless motorists, who moved back and forth between Chicago and the Pacific coast.

Though traveling off the tourist path I often stayed on the interstates between medium-sized cities. Evening was by then approaching, and as we hurtled eastward in the family wagon, billboards began to extol the virtues of the famous highway: The signs were there but where was the road?

It winds from Chicago to L. In both cases we were fascinated with the uniqueness and other-world-liness of it all. National names like Wal-Mart.

Total cost was figured at billion dollars. Buckner remains an antique town, preserved in amber, for future generations to see. Prior to moving to Arizona from Switzerland two Route 66 essay ago, I have spent almost all of my vacation time from thanks to 6 weeks vacation time per year and airline benefits visiting the U.

On Route 66, a Gas Station Is History Worth Saving

Its fate was in doubt. When the war ended, traffic increased as rationing and travel restrictions were lifted. In the s and s, my hometown of Buckner, Missouri was moving and shaking on a Friday night.

Route 66, The Western Way

We had come through Kingman before on the way to Vegas sometime but with our "Route 66 state-of-mind" it looked really unique. Most Americans who drove the route did not stay in hotels; they preferred accommodations more convenient for automobile travelers. And you really only traverse Route 24 through Buckner if you live farther east down Route 24, or you live in Grain Valley.

Tucumcari, like Route 66 itself, had been created in a more exuberant, optimistic age, long before the spirit of individualism had been captured and tamed by the forces of modern-day standardization. In JanuaryRoute 66 IECA Inland Empire Californiaa non-profit organization, was established with its primary purpose of promoting the preservation of historically significant landmarks along Route Back on I the next exit wasn't far although this piece going into Needles, CA didn't look very authentic anymore.

With the heavier traffic, businesses along the highway boomed, and the image of Route 66 as a Dustbowl migration route changed to one of freedom and kicks. If things continue in the way they have over the past fifty years, Buckner may be decommissioned, just as Route 66 was in The metropoliss cropping up all around interstates are far more likely to acquire an economic encouragement in the signifier of a Wal-Mart or McDonalds than any town more than five stat mis off from an interstate.

It was great to imagine how further south the main stream rushed by on I while we followed this "secret, secluded track where no one could find us" a childhood fantasy I can't really put in words, for those who can't make any sense out of this.

While not fighting in Europe and the Pacific, Roosevelt was still perpetuating New Deal economics, particularly on roadways.

Route 66, The Western Way

The Interstate Highway System has thus caused rural America to decline in favor of densely populated metropolises, killing authentic pioneer spirit these rustic towns embodied. In the years between World War II and The Korean War, small towns were under constant construction, almost in a second wave of boomtowns.Images of Route 66 Photo Essay Books.


Discovering the 66th Dimension

Images of 66 Volume 1 begins in Chicago, IL and ends in Los Angeles, CA while Images of 66 Volume. Route 66 Essays: OverRoute 66 Essays, Route 66 Term Papers, Route 66 Research Paper, Book Reports. ESSAYS, term and research papers available for UNLIMITED access.

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Route 66 and many of the points of interest along the way were familiar landmarks by the time a new generation of postwar motorists hit the road in the s. Many drew upon memories from excursions with their parents in the s and 50s.

Route 66 Essays & Articles

by Drew Knowles. My first encounter with Route 66 took me completely by surprise. Never before had I physically crossed, let alone driven, that strip of legend which divides the country in two.

Photo Essay Route 66, The Western Way. ROUTE 66 was once a bustling highway, the bloodline for any American looking to travel West. But is now a decaying remnant of a forgotten time.

Built inRoute 66 started in Chicago and traveled 2, miles to its destination point in Santa Monica. View Essay - route 66 essay from HY at University of Alabama. Route 66 is a road popular to many and an attraction that brought about tourism from all around the country, Route 66 also known as.

Route 66 essay
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