The exploration of lewis and clark across america

The captains inquired of every native they met about lands up the Missouri, then wrote the information down. At first it provided the Mandans with a useful alternative to trading with the British and also offered military support from their traditional native enemies the Sioux.

September 1 — October 6: Hunters kill and describe prairie goat antelope. More can be learned about Sergeant John Ordway, one of the most valued members of the journey, by piecing together the textual fragments about his life and by recognizing the significant insights into his personality that are revealed through his journal writing.

They made the first attempt at a systematic record of the meteorology of the West, and less successfully attempted to determine the latitude and longitude of significant geographical points.

The day before ChristmasFort Mandan was completed, and the Corps settled in for the winter. Fort Clatsop sewed pairs of moccasins. Judging from these letters, Ordway seems confident and adventurous; just the man Lewis and Clark would need to rely on. For instance, Fort Clark was soon established at the Mandan villages.

The boat failed and was dismantled and cached July During the journey, Lewis and Clark drew about maps. Unable to immediately determine which river is the Missouri, a scouting party is sent to explore each branch, North fork MariasSouth fork Missouri.

They buy 29 horses for packing or eating with uniforms, rifles, powder, balls, and a pistol. Not knowing which waterway was the principal stream, they sent out reconnaissance parties up both forks.

Clarke also describe Ordway as well educated. Like the letter to his brother, this letter is also addressed to Hebron, New Hampshire. President Jefferson would later present this report to Congress.

Portaging is the task of bearing boats overland, and that's what the Corps did to skirt the falls. Most tribes welcomed trading opportunities and provided the expedition with food, knowledge, guides, shelter, sex, and entertainment. The explorers finally returned to St. Thomas Howard scaled the fort wall and a native American followed his example.

Gass and two others go up south fork. The Corps of Discovery split into two groups with Lewis leading one group up the Blackfoot River and Clark leading another group up the Bitterroot River.

Lewis and Clark Expedition

She was later purchased by Charbonneau. The members conducted a democratic vote on where to spend the winter, with even York and Sacagawea casting votes.The Lewis and Clark expedition was in many ways an infantry company on the move, fully equipped with rifles of various kinds, muskets, and pistols.

The Lewis and Clark Expedition from May to Septemberalso known as the Corps of Discovery Expedition, was the first American expedition to cross the western portion of the United began near St. Louis, made its way westward, and passed through the Continental Divide of the Americas to reach the Pacific coast.

21b. Exploration: Lewis and Clark

The Corps of Discovery was a selected group of US Army. November 14, Lewis and Clark spend the day at Fort Massac near present Metropolis, Illinois. Lewis attempts to make astronomical observations but must stop when evening clouds obscure the sky.

The First Exploration of the American West When we think of famous explorers, people like Christopher Columbus, Ferdinand It led explorers to search for other routes across the continent. And Lewis and Clark proved that the trip to the Pacific was possible, even if it was Lewis and Clark paved the way for America’s conquest of Great.

“A Map of Lewis and Clarks Track” from History of the Expedition under the Command of Captains Lewis and Clark, to the Sources of the Missouri, thence Across the Rocky Mountains and Down the River Columbia to the Pacific Ocean, Samuel Lewis, copyist; Samuel Harrison, engraver.

November 26

Exploration: Lewis and Clark Originally named the Corps of Discovery, the expedition led by Lewis and Clark came in contact with people and places never before seen, and returned with stories that Americans in the East could hardly believe.

The exploration of lewis and clark across america
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